Ammo Galore

Ammunition Galore

Victorian stockists of popular brands of Ammunition, cleaning equipment and an array of sporting firearms accessories

A.B.N 84 556 528 760

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PO Box 252
Seaford Victoria 3198


About Us

We have 50 Years’ experience in Firearms and Ammunition selection, with a background in Pest control and Target Shooting.

Ammunition Galore began trading on 8th April 2006 due to the inconsistency of arrival of .22LR Rimfire Target Ammunition imported into Australia. With another club member at Frankston Peninsula Target Rifle Club Inc, Ammunition Galore would buy many cases of Ammunition to stockpile during the lean periods of another shipment coming from Europe or the UK. The range of products grew, once again it was hard to get good quality Target rifle equipment in Australia, especially the cleaning product VFG