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Lapua Centerfire Ammunition

Lapua Centerfire Ammunition. Available in various Calibres Lapua Logo

Lapua Projectiles 223 Lapua Projectiles 223
Lapua 223 S350 3.6g / 55gr FMJ (5.69mm/.224)
Box of 100
Item 4PL5003 Price 100 rnds $ 30.00

Lapua Projectiles .30 Lapua Projectiles .30
Lapua .30 GB432 12.0g / 185gr CHPBT (7.83mm/.308) SCENAR Coated
Item CPL7071 Price 100 rnds $ 60.50

Lapua Unprimmed Brass 308WIN Lapua Unprimmed Brass 308WIN
Lapua 308WIN Unprimed brass(7.62x51)
Item 4PH7217 Price 100 rnds $ 185.00

Lapua Naturalis Lapua Naturalis
Lapua .338 Mag Live Ammunition - Naturalis 15.0g / 230gr LR
Lead Free - Full Cooper Projectile with Green Plastic Tip.
Item N318020 Price 10 rnds $ 105.00

Use Ammunition with care. Always wear hearing and eye protection.
Price Subject to change without notice. (No refunds on Ammunition)