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Worlds most useful technical lubricant. PROTECTS—CLEANS—LUBRICATES Preserves Metal, wood plastics and leather. Metals: Cleans, protects & lubricates metallic surfaces. Forms a protective film to prevent corrosion. Creeps into smallest openings. Dissolves rust & residues from unsuitable oils & greases. Frees rusty bolts. Keeps bores of firearms clean and true. Neutralizes human hand sweat & acidic residues from propellant discharge especially black powder. Ideal for winterising boat, motorcycle and lawn mower motors. Cleans silver & brass. Maintaining chrome plated parts. Safe for use in electrical installations. Produced by F.W Klever GmbH Germany. Ballistol Logo

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This product falls under a Hazchem class, and cannot be posted with Austraila Post.

Ballistol Spray 200ml Ballistol Spray 200ml
200ml Spray can. Convenient Medium size to carry in your Rifle Bag.
Item 4017777021752 Price $9.90

Ballistol Spray 400ml Ballistol Spray 400ml
400ml Spray can. Buy the larger can and save
Item 4017777021813 Price $16.00

Ballistol Pure Oil 500ml Ballistol Pure Oil 500ml
However we can be ordered in
Ballistol Pure Oil 500ml Can.
Item 4017777021158 Price $0.00