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Bolt Protectors

Bolt Protector
Australian made Bolt Protectors by Lowey Products.
The bolt protector has been designed to house the bolt and automatically release the pressure from the spring when inserted. It also protects the bolt from dust/dirt, knocks, falls and is an excellent accessory for storage and transportation of your rifle. It is a must have for every shooter, as many laws now require the bolt to be transported and stored separate from the rifle
Anschutz 54 Anschutz 54
This Bolt Protector suits Anschutz Match54 and 2013 .22 Rilfes
Item BPA54 Price $65.00

Anschutz 64 Anschutz 64
This Bolt Protector suits Anschutz Match64 .22 Rilfes
Item BPA64 Price $65.00

Bleiker Bleiker
This Bolt Protector suits Bleiker .22 Rilfes
Item BPA64 Price $65.00

Barnard Barnard
This Bolt Protector suits Barnard centre fire Rilfes
Item BPA64 Price $65.00

Feinwerkbau Feinwerkbau
This Bolt Protector suits Feinwerkbau .22 Rilfes
Item BPFWB Price $65.00

Brno and CZ Brno and CZ
This Bolt Protector suits Brno Models 1 and 2, and all CZ .22 Rilfes
Item BPFWB Price $65.00

Walther Walther
This Bolt Protector suits Walther KK300 and KK500 .22 Rilfes
Item BPFWB Price $65.00