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Cleaning Rod Guides

Cleaning Rod Guide
Australian made Cleaning rod guides by Lowey Products.
These cleaning rod guides are designed to assist the cleaning rod slide centrally and smoothly into the breech of your rifle, protecting the breech from any damage. The guides have a lock-in mechanism, preventing movement whilst cleaning your barrel. They are of moulded plastic to the shape of your action. By transporting your rifle with the rod guide set into your breech, it is also clearly evident to any inspector that the bolt has been correctly removed for storage and/or transport.

. ♫ Made from plastic, so it doesn't damage the breech in any way.
. ♫ If the cleaning rod guide is left in the breech, our colourful design makes it easy to see that the bolt has been removed.
. ♫ Prevents solvents and oils from leaking into the trigger/breech when cleaning.
. ♫ With the added feature of a 'lock-in' mechanism, you will always be sure that your cleaning rod is running parallel to the breech.
. ♫ Cleaning rod guides are resistant to gun lubricants and solvents.
Anschutz 54 Anschutz 54
This rod suits Anschutz Match 54 .22 Rilfes
Item CRG-A54 Price $35.00

Anschutz 64 Anschutz 64
This rod suits Anschutz Match 64 .22 Rilfes
Item CRG-A64 Price $35.00

Brno Brno
This rod suits Brno .22 Rilfes, and Includes Models 1,2,3,4 & 5
Item CRG-Brno Price $35.00

This rod suits CZ Rimfire .22 Rilfes, and Includes Models 452,453 & 455
Item CRG-CZ Price $35.00

Feinwerkbau Feinwerkbau
This rod suits Feinwerkbau .22 Rilfes
Item CRG-FWB Price $35.00