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Target Rifle Equipment - Jackets

Quaility built Target Rifle Clothing by Anschutz, Gehmann and Kurt Thune Anschutz Logo Gehmann Logo Kurt Thune Logo


Gehmann Jacket Gehmann Jacket
Right Hand Shooting Jacket Now in Stock
Double Canvas Jacket
Model = Standard
This popular jacket now incorporates Amara non-tear material for supple yet strong support across the upper back upper inside arms and on the top chest strap
Patented soft seamless inside fore-arm material and patented button loops provide terrific value-for-money making this jacket extremely suitable for entry-level and/or club shooters wanting proper support without the expense of a top end jacket used by an international shooter
Mainly constructed using double canvas
Pierce-through aluminium buttons enable simple adjustment in order to gain a precise fit
Very dark blue black and white
Outer material: 80% Cotton 20% Amara
Inner material: 100% Cotton
Surface material: Rubber Grip
Item 403UHR54 Price $240.00

Gehmann Jacket Gehmann Jacket
In Stock
As Above Details
Item 403UHR56 Price $230.00

Gehmann Jacket Gehmann Jacket
On Order
As Above Details
Item 403UHR58 Price $240.00

Gehmann Jacket Gehmann Jacket
On Order
Canvas and Leather Jacket
Model = TriColour
For men rigid unbleached canvas with blue suede panels and blue trim
Cut to maximize support and comfort in all positions
Pierce-through alloy buttons enable personalising a perfect fit
Over-the-shoulder straps remove tucks on the shoulder pad
Adjustable sling strap with a hook designed to match our slings
Anti-slip rubber on elbows ensures a stable position
Suede front panel supports your elbow pad when standing
Also available for slightly shorter people with larger stomachs in the following sizes: 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 & 30 - numbers are 50% of normal - so 27 is a normal size 54
Outer jacket material: 50% Leather 50% Cotton
Inner material: 100% Cotton
Surface material: Rubber Grip
Item 404RH56 Price $295.00

Kurt Thune

Kurt Thune Jacket Kurt Thune Jacket
Sorry we do not stock
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Item N/A Price $0.00