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Ammunition Galore

Victorian stockists of popular brands of Ammunition, cleaning equipment and an array of sporting firearms accessories

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Target Shooting Tools

Target Shooting Tools


Torque Wrench Torque Wrench
Anschutz Adjustable Torque wrench. Adjustable from 4n to 10n
Item 1180/4506-SW4 Price $135.00

Bore Inspector Bore Inspector
Kleen bore Bore Inspector Lamp. For Easy Bore Inspection of Handgun, Rfiles and Shotguns
Item 026249001387 Price $14.50

Leupold Lens Pen Detail Leupold Lens Pen Detail
Take proper care of your optical lenses using the newest technology in lens cleaning.
Item LE48807 Price $16.50

Pump Pump
270Bar 4 Stage Hand Pump
With Speical sinter filter
4 Stage Turbo Pump
280cc per Stroke
Comes with pressure Gauge standard 200 bar 5-thread DIN
Item M100 Price $400.00

Pump Pump
200Bar 3 Stage Hand Pump
With Speical sinter filter
3 Stage Pump
210cc per Stroke
Comes with pressure Gauge standard 200 bar 5-thread DIN
Item M220 Price $380.00


.177 Gauge .177 Gauge
.177 4.5mm Gauge with magnifier
Item 132 Price $22.00

.22 Gauge .22 Gauge
.22 5.6mm Gauge with magnifier
Item 133 Price $22.00

.177 Plug Gauge .177 Plug Gauge
.177 4.5mm Plug Gauge
Item 134 Price $9.00

Gauge Gauge
.22LR Rim Thickness Gauge
Rounds are placed in a hole and the gauge moved until it stops
Once gauged the round is placed with others of the same mark
once batched rounds have identical head-space and therefore be held in the breech in an identical position prior to firing - immediately improving each batches ballistic consistency.
Item 138 Price $120.00

Carry Bag Carry Bag
The big main compartment in combination with three "see-through" parts in the top enable even the 3 position shooters to carry the various equipment safe and clear
New designed PVC "L-Form", so that the bag can stand independently of the loading
Strong, qualitative SBS zippers ensure a long lasting bag, even if there is a heavy usage
The main compartment could be locked with a seperate locker to protect your worthy equipment for unauthorised access
All grips are attched to the bottom part of the bag to eliminate the tractive power at the zipper while lifting the bag
The base, which is riveted to the hard PVC plate, could be used for standing or lifting the bag
80x40x40cm leads to a enormous volume of 128L
Item 455 Price $212.40

Pellet Flipper Pellet Flipper
Gehmann Air Pellet Flipper
Item 798 Price $30.00